Internet Explorer 10 (Autocorrect and Spellcheck built-in)

Internet Explorer 10 (Autocorrect and Spellcheck built-in)
Internet Explorer has come a long way in the past several years. IE8 wasn’t nearly the steaming pile of a browser that IE6 was, and IE9 is actually pretty dang sweet. There are still a few facepalm-worthy feature omissions, though, but it looks like Microsoft is going to correct those oversights in Internet Explorer 10.

Next up: spellcheck. Yes, spellcheck.

For years, other browsers have offered a built in tool, but Internet Explorer kept missing the bus. If you wanted spell checking in IE, you had to download a third-party tool — and none of them worked as seamlessly as what’s integrated into Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. With the arrival of IE10, all your web-based text input fields will finally be scrutinized by a built-in editor.

It’s not all thanks to the browser, however. The new spellcheck is actually part of Windows 8, but Microsoft promises it’ll be seamlessly integrated into IE10. But fear not, Windows 7 users! Microsoft also assures that your version of the browser is getting spellcheck, too.

Another typing-related feature that’s on the way is autocorrect. The same message-mangling fun that we’ve been enjoying for years on our smartphones is finally coming to Windows. If you’re running the Windows 8 Developer Preview, there’s a demo over on the Test Drive site where you can see autocorrect (and spellcheck) in action. Don’t expect any of the hilarity like what you see on Damn You, Auto Correct, but it’s still nice to see Internet Explorer rounding out its input features.

With profile-wide syncing via Windows Live on the way, and spellcheck + autocorrect built in, Internet Explorer 10 has just about completely closed the feature gap with its competitors. All that’s missing now is an extension framework that doesn’t rely on ActiveX.

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