New SkyDrive : Make Sharing Office Docs Easier

New SkyDrive : Make Sharing Office Docs Easier

Share Office docs on social networks

Earlier this autumn, we shipped enhancements to Office Web Apps based on your feedback, delivering new features such as the ability to view ink in OneNote Web App, merge and autofit cells in Excel Web App, and print directly from the browser in Excel Web App. Today, the SkyDrive team is announcing some updates that are also based on your requests. Today’s SkyDrive updates will make it easier than ever to share and collaborate on Office documents using Office Web Apps on SkyDrive.

With today’s SkyDrive improvements, you can share individual files stored on SkyDrive, not just folders. Also, you can easily collaborate on Office documents through SkyDrive with anyone, even if you don’t know their Windows Live ID. You can even share directly with friends on Facebook and LinkedIn. Or you can share a document with everyone, by setting permissions to make it public and creating a link that you can send or share, or embed in your own blog or website.

Simpler sharing from Office Web Apps on SkyDrive

To share the document you’re working on, just click Share in the toolbar, and then you can enter your friends’ email addresses, a short message, and give permission to edit or require sign-in, all in one place!

Share a doc link in email

The people who you’ve shared it with will receive an invitation almost immediately, sent from you, with a link that they can click to view your document.

Email recipients get a link to your doc

Right-click to share Office docs from SkyDrive

Here’s another time-saver: With this update, the SkyDrive team has added right-click menus on the file list, allowing you to view, edit, download, and more.

New right-click commands on files in SkyDrive

Share your Office docs on social networks

In addition to sharing via email, now you can share your Office documents through social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This is exciting, because it means that you can show off your Office documents with your friends in Facebook, or collaborate with colleagues in LinkedIn.

To post your Office documents to a social network, click Share in the navigation, and then click Post to.

Post your docs to your social networks

Share an Office doc with everyone

In addition to sharing your Office documents with specific friends and colleagues, you can upload a document and share it with everyone, and then get a link that you can post or send to make your document public. You can also choose to set permissions so only friends you’ve shared it with can see it, or you can make it public for anyone on the web to see.

To make your document public, click Share, and then click Get a Link.

Create a public link to your doc

Embed your Office doc in your blog or website

If you have a blog or a website, you can embed your Excel or PowerPoint document directly into another web page.

To embed an Office document from SkyDrive, right-click the document, click Embed, and then click Generate to get HTML code that you can paste into your blog or website.

Embed your doc in your blog or web page

See it in action with Doug from Office Casual

Want to see what these improvements look like in action? Watch this video, from Doug on the Office Casual blog...or try them for yourself, just sign in to SkyDrive to get started!



by Jenni French, product manager on the Office Web Apps team.

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