NEW UPDATE: Free Download Opera Mini Latest Version (for iOS, Android, Tablet, and other Mobile Phones)

NEW UPDATE: Free Download Opera Mini Latest Version (for iOS, Android, Tablet, and other Mobile Phones)

Opera has always delivered a first-class web experience to mobile phones, and our latest mobile browsers bring great enhancements that make the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers the best choice for thousands of devices.



The clean, simple and elegant user experience Opera is known for has now been enhanced, with support for the latest technology. Opera's mobile browsers display complete webpages, just like on your computer.

Switching between open webpages is a snap with tabs, and Speed Dial launches your favorite websites with a single click. Add as many Speed Dial entries as you want – there's no limit!

If you don't have a smartphone, you can still enjoy many web-enhanced features on your phone with Opera's mobile browsers, including a new Smart Page that's connected to your social networks. See all the latest updates from your friends and contacts, right from the home screen of your phone. You’ll also get breaking news, weather forecasts, sports, entertainment and more.

With Opera Mini and Opera Mobile you’ll navigate with ease on both touchscreen and keypad devices. The browser automatically switches between portrait and landscape mode and also lets you adjust text for easier reading.


High-performance browsing

The latest versions of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile get an extra boost of speed and power. Even on sites with secure encryption or lots of graphics, pages load with a snap and scroll smoothly. You'll also be able to play the next generation of games on your mobile device, thanks to WebGL hardware acceleration in Opera Mobile. Not only are the controls fast and responsive, but colors and textures are rich and true to life too. Thanks to Opera, you can have a premium web experience no matter what phone or mobile device you use.

Browse more, wait less

The web has never been so fast on your phone. Our streamlined rendering engine and server-side compression allows Opera Mini and Opera Mobile to load webpages much more quickly than other mobile phone browsers. Features such as the address bar, shortcut keys and touchscreen control save you time and effort when performing basic tasks, such as entering addresses or scrolling rapidly through pages.

Save money on data charges

Opera's mobile browsers are the smart choice for browsing on expensive wireless data plans. Using Opera Mini or Opera Mobile to browse the web with your mobile phone can save you money on your phone bills, by reducing your data usage substantially. Opera Mini uses only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers, compressing webpages by up to 90%. With Opera Mobile, turning on Opera Turbo compresses data by up to 80%, or leave Opera Turbo off to get full website data, as you would on a PC.






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