NEW UPDATE: Download BlackBerry Messenger v.

NEW UPDATE: Download BlackBerry Messenger v.


Supported Devices
  • BlackBerry 8100
    BlackBerry 8110
    BlackBerry 8120
    BlackBerry 8130
    BlackBerry 8130m
    BlackBerry 8220
    BlackBerry 8230
    BlackBerry 8230f
    BlackBerry 8300
    BlackBerry 8310
    BlackBerry 8320
    BlackBerry 8330
    BlackBerry 8330m
    BlackBerry 8350i
    BlackBerry 8520
    BlackBerry 8530
    BlackBerry 8700c
    BlackBerry 8700f
    BlackBerry 8700g
    BlackBerry 8700r
    BlackBerry 8700v
    BlackBerry 8703e
    BlackBerry 8705g
    BlackBerry 8707g
    BlackBerry 8707h
    BlackBerry 8707v
    BlackBerry 8800
    BlackBerry 8820
    BlackBerry 8830
    BlackBerry 8830m
    BlackBerry 8900
    BlackBerry 8910
    BlackBerry 8980
    BlackBerry 9000
    BlackBerry 9100
    BlackBerry 9105
    BlackBerry 9300
    BlackBerry 9330
    BlackBerry 9350
    BlackBerry 9360
    BlackBerry 9500
    BlackBerry 9520
    BlackBerry 9530
    BlackBerry 9550
    BlackBerry 9630
    BlackBerry 9650
    BlackBerry 9670
    BlackBerry 9700
    BlackBerry 9780
    BlackBerry 9800
    BlackBerry 9810
    BlackBerry 9850
    BlackBerry 9900
    BlackBerry 9930
Release: August 06, 2011
File Size: 6442 KB
Required Device Software
4.5.0 or higher
Supported Countries
All Countries
Supported Carriers
All carriers
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Item Description
Check out the next generation BBM - where apps go social! Now, BBM features are built right into many of your favorite apps, so you can share or chat with your BBM friends while you’re using the app. Play games against each other while you're chatting, trash talk each others sports teams while reviewing scores, discuss a popular book that all your friends are reading, work together to find a new restaurant and share it with all your friends and more! To find BBM connected apps in BlackBerry App World, search for "BBM" and download away! And, of course, there's everything you have always loved about BBM - chat with your friends and see when a message has been delivered or read; share pictures, videos, voice notes, your location or even the song you're listening to; create a BB Group to chat and collaborate with a few friends or colleagues, etc. Now, with BBM, you can meet your friends over apps!

Highlights of the new BBM include:
• Works with BBM connected apps:
o     Chat with contacts (or other BBM users) from connected apps
o     Share your app activities and achievements on your BBM profile
o     Host or join events or games
Note: You can search for BBM connected apps in the App World™ storefront by typing “BBM” in the search field.
• Enhanced Location Sending with customized search and sharing
• Send events and appointments to BBM contacts
• Draft BBM message support
• Updated support for sending links, podcasts, location in BBM Groups

1.  Before downloading, please back up your contact list by displaying the menu within BlackBerry Messenger - Options - Back Up. (Available for users of BBM 5.0 and above)
2.  Please ensure that you are using RIM or carrier approved BlackBerry® Device Software to avoid compatibility issues that may result in loss of the BBM icon.  For more information, read article KB23968 (
3.  After installing the new version of BBM, please restart your device.

For all technical support with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), please visit For billing issues and technical support options related to App World only, please visit Direct support is unavailable through the “Contact Support” button.

DOWNLOAD BlackBerry Messenger  v.

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